Orders and Deliveries

  • We confirm that Bakkies the Butcher Online Butcher operates in accordance with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act.

    • Orders can be placed online, 24 hours a day
    • To ensure consistent quality, orders close Tuesday ‘s @ 13H00 for delivery to your office/home by Friday or Saturday the same week – in time for a nice weekend braai!
    • Pretoria /Johannesburg Deliveries @ R165.00 to any municipal residential or business address.
    • For deliveries outside Pretoria/Johannesburg the meat is packed frozen in an insulated cold chain box, and delivered via the Courier Guy @ R 250 per 10kg box.
    • As soon as the payment is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email of your order. Please check that the invoice includes the correct items that you ordered.
    • An email and/or a WhatsApp specifying the day of delivery will be forwarded to you
      1- 3 days prior to delivery date, and a reminder WhatsApp will be sent the morning of the scheduled delivery.
    • Should the delivery address not be accessible, incorrect or you are not available or able to take delivery of the package on the confirmed delivery date, an alternative delivery address must be supplied telephonically to our driver/delivery agent.
    • In the case that the delivery of the package cannot take place at an alternative delivery address, the package will be returned and destroyed, with no refund.
    • Upon delivery, carefully inspect the content of the box to confirm it matches the items on the invoice/order.
    • After inspection and acceptance of the delivery, and unless the products comply with our Returns Policy’s requirements, the items may not be returned at any stage.
    • Unless telephonic confirmation is received from Bakkies the Butcher Online Butcher for a refund/exchange regarding any items that are incorrect or defective, do not accept the incorrect or defective items and please return the products with the driver/delivery agent.
    • You must unpack and refrigerate the meat on the day of delivery, and cook/braai the meat within one day of receiving your delivery.
    • Alternatively, unpack and freeze the meat immediately on the day of delivery, should you plan to cook/braai the meat two days or longer after receiving your delivery.
    • Depending on the season and week of the month, certain meat cuts and or type of meat for example, game meat may be packed frozen with other fresh vacuum packed meat.
    • Frozen meat may be thawed, cooked/braai’ed the day of receiving your delivery, or freeze immediately should you plan to cook/braai the meat at a later stage.
    • For deliveries outside of Gauteng, the meat is packed in a polystyrene insulated cardboard box with the proper amount of frozen gel icepacks to maintain a constant cool temperature during the delivery period.
    • Bakkies the Butcher Online Butcher and/or its delivery agent will not be held accountable for any spoiled products due to any incorrect handling or storage after delivery.